Wednesday 3 January 2018

6 talent magnets of a great culture

I value this white paper by OC Tanner. You can download it yourself here.

Here's some extracts:

“Purpose means connecting employees to your organization’s reason for being or the difference you make in the world.

Opportunity means providing employees the ability to learn new skills, develop, and contribute.

Success means giving employees the opportunity to innovate, do meaningful work, and be on winning teams.

Appreciation means acknowledging and recognizing employees’ outstanding work and unique contributions.

Wellbeing means paying attention to and constantly working to improve employees’ physical, social, emotional, and financial health.

Leadership means connecting employees to purpose, empowering them to do great” 

30% of employees say their organization’s purpose does not reflect what is important to them.

More than 1 in 3 employees are ‘often’ bored with their work responsibilities.

42% of employee believe it goes unnoticed when they reach a goal.

Less than half of employees say they always feel appreciated at work.

More than 1 in 3 employees say their job has a negative effect on their physical health.

35% of employees do not trust senior leaders at their organization.

Our research shows focusing on these six areas yields incredible business results. When we compared average companies to companies who do marginally better on purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, wellbeing, and leadership, we saw staggering improvements like these:

54% more likely to have employees that are Promoters on the standard NPS scale
53% more likely to have highly engaged employees
29% more likely to have employees innovating and performing great work
27% more likely to have increased in revenue last year
22% less likely to have experienced layoffs in the last year
25% more likely to have teams growing in size instead of stagnating or decreasing in the last year."

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