Friday 12 January 2018

Being one of the few remarkable communicators and conversationalists

The above is a slide from Google's culture deck which you can view along with those of several organisations here (Hubspot, Nordstrom and Netflix are my favourites).

Sadly remarkable communication and conversations are rare in most organisations.

Here's 3 suggestions drawn from Hubspot's culture deck at the above site and pictured below.

1) When you send a message check in with the receiver/s to ensure message effectiveness.

2) Make it a work it progress to keep on getting better at how you send messages.
Remember it's often not what you say rather how you say it.

3) Get professional help with your presentation skills and particularly the art of sharing stories other people can feel themselves in.

Should you like some help with any of the above please contact me on +61 418 807 898.

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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