Wednesday 22 August 2018

Matching conversation type to situation

I'm currently presenting and hosting a series of master-classes as I complete the writing of this final book in a trilogy.

Learn more about the master-classes held in Ballarat on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

This post is the 'Matching conversation type to situation ' chapter of the book.
In a nutshell

Leadership has much to do with building and sustaining high value, mutually rewarding relationships.

A key component is seeing/hearing behaviour (acceptable and not), calling both out and facilitating conversations that appreciate acceptable behaviour, help people to be accountable when there's been slippage, and sustain or restore alignment.

Post these conversations it's important to document agreements and how progress will be made visible.

Mastery of 8 styles of conversations (includes communication in general as well as presentations) and 7 situations are essential for success.

These 15 elements are the subject matter for my ebook pictured below. Here's the download link.

3 recommended actions

1) Download the ebook above and commit to mastering each of the elements.

2) Undertake the performance possibility pulse check inside the ebook involving as many people who you work closely with and who know you well.

3) Commit to undertaking the pulse check regularly and sharing it and your proposed actions with your colleagues.

Recommended deep work

1) Commit to formal learning each year that means your continually improving your communication, presentation and conversation attitude and skills.

2) Work with mentors both inside and external to your workplace who will help you to apply your formal learning.

3) Become a communication, presentation and conversation mentor yourself to people inside and external to your workplace.

Be remarkable.

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