Friday 21 December 2018

Wherever there is discrimination, democracy and decency are in danger

I'm mystified by many things the Federal Government in my country Australia has on it's agenda. It seems to be hellbent on doing everything it can to make sure it doesn't get reelected.

One thing on their agenda that I am strongly against is a proposed freedom of religion law. In some ways I'd like a freedom from religion law!

I deeply respect your right to have religion as part of your life. You do not have any right though to try and force your beliefs or the dogma attached to them on me or anyone else.

You certainly have no right to discriminate against anyone who doesn't believe what you do. In current Australian laws (Disability, Racial and Sex Discrimination Acts for example) that would be illegal.

On the second page of the Government's response to the Religious Freedom Review is the following:

The Expert Panel that conducted the Religious Freedom Review importantly noted in its
Report that:

“Freedom of thought, conscience and religion is a right enjoyed by all, not just those of faith. It protects those who live a life of faith and those who live by other beliefs or, indeed, no beliefs. It protects those who face coercion that impairs their freedom to choose their religion or beliefs. It protects those whose views on faith or belief change over their lifetime. It is not a protection for religions. It is a protection, a human right, for the religious, the non-religious and those who subscribe to other systems of belief.” 

The above being the case says to me a freedom of religion law would be against the spirit of the above.

The proposed freedom of religion law is actually I suspect all about a few middle aged white males who are angry that the Marriage Act now allows LGBTIQ people to get married.

Wherever there is discrimination, democracy and decency are in danger.

I'm very happy to wish everyone Merry Christmas whether you believe in the Christ of Christmas or any other religious figure or not.

We are not our beliefs rather the human beings who have chosen to have such beliefs.

To enable peace and harmony we need to respect all beliefs and stand against any nonsense that would allow discrimination based on beliefs.

Be remarkable.

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