Monday 2 December 2019

Where's your extra 101 days of learning before 2022?

I found this 2018 Future Jobs Report from the World Economic Forum a valuable read. The most valuable piece for me is this prediction: "On average, employees will need 101 days of retraining and upskilling in the period up to 2022." Where's your extra 101 days of learning before 2022?
Maybe I can help you.

My Possibility Leadership program is now available just online. It's still you and I and maybe some of your team working together live, we're just taking advantage of technology. In this case Zoom and where appropriate the good old telephone!

Learn more here and get in touch when completing the one page performance possibility pulse check resonates with you.

Up until 31st January 2020 I'm offering a special investment that will never be repeated. Maybe you can do some of your 101 days before then! I'm happy to schedule for later too and lock in the special investment offer.

Be remarkable.

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