Friday 6 December 2019

How trustworthy are your sources of information?

Your Innovation Journey

Innovation i.e. changing what's normal when the status quo is no longer serving you, your family, the  communities to which you belong, or your customers/clients, begins with information that you turn into insight.

You then turn insight into inspiration which then becomes an idea or several. Then you choose one idea and implement it.

You're following this process or something similar a lot lately is my guess because all of us want to thrive in what some folk describe as the decade of disruption.

Below is a process I often use with my clients. Increasingly the first and final steps are becoming ever more crucial.


What is the actual truth of the matter? is a question I am asking much more lately. It's impossible to tell sometimes without a lot of research. How trustworthy are your sources of information?

You may find this Greg Bean article of interest and value. It's called 'Media dead silent as Wikileaks insider explodes the myths around Julian Assange'

Should you start the innovation journey with a lie, a mistruth or a doubtful fact it can lead to disaster right?

Integrate and AAR

I see many people instigating or implementing something new. What I don't see as often is after-action-reviews (AAR) and integrating new perceptions and learning with what is already working well. 

After-action-reviews are a game-changer because while every detail is still fresh in people’s hearts and minds is really the only time to effectively review performance. This is why all the great sports coaches get their teams in the room privately straight after the game and before they speak with anyone else. More about AAR here.

Who will you become?

What will you do next?

Be remarkable.

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