Monday 14 December 2020

Heart-Leadership - Become the wise leader you want to be is now published


My book is now published.

You can purchase it from here.

At the link there's 24 videos (all under 5 minutes) and 24 podcasts (all under 10 minutes). They are companion resources for the book and designed for you as a 48 week self-directed online course.

Just watch or listen to one video or one podcast a week for 48 weeks and then take action in your own best way.

Just watch one video or listen to one podcast and you will know if this book is for you.

It's written for Heart-Leadership Enthusiasts.

Your heart knows. Learning to trust this innermost knowing means no longer second guessing yourself or doubting your value.

Heart-Leadership enables clarity in any given moment of your why and how, what’s next and with and for whom. 

Heart-Leadership enables you to sense any disruption to your flow in advance, and to overcome any challenge and solve any problem peacefully. 

Heart-Leadership is grounded in the eight heart qualities of love, gratitude, appreciation, care, happiness, compassion, harmony and kindness.

Heart-Leaders enhance, hold and when needed shift human energy for the better. 

Do you want to lead from your heart in your home, workplace, town, city, country, sporting club, community group, wherever you belong? This book is for you. 

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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