Monday 21 December 2020

Is harmony your key to thriving in 2021?

I've written and spoken a lot about harmony.

Here's some of my musings:

Harmony Matters

Everything of meaning and value begins with harmony

Life/work balance is nonsense - life/work harmony is possible

I often just contemplate the yin and yang symbol as I appreciate what is and imagine what can be in my life and work.

In a conversation with a colleague last week we touched on Carl Jung's insight of Anima and Animus

The quote below is from this Wikipedia link:


Anima originated from Latin, and was originally used to describe ideas such as breath, soul, spirit or vital force. Jung began using the term in the early 1920s to describe the inner feminine side of men.


Animus originated from Latin, where it was used to describe ideas such as the rational soul, life, mind, mental powers, courage or desire. In the early nineteenth century, animus was used to mean "temper" and was typically used in a hostile sense. In 1923, it began being used as a term in Jungian psychology to describe the masculine side of women.

For me 2020 has seen the worst in male leaders and the best in female leaders. In 2021 I'm expecting more men embracing their Anima and therefore better male leaders. I'm expecting a continuation of the growth in female leaders both in quality and quantity.

Anima and Animus are another way to look at harmony. How do they speak to you?

Who will you become? What will you do next?

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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