Wednesday 8 December 2021

Don't die with your music locked in you

Music is a great metaphor for our essence (unique personal wisdom).

Seeing, unearthing, and then magnifying and enhancing our essence, and being alongside others as they do the same, is for me the heart of real leadership.

Listen to my story about this metaphor in this 4 minutes and 42 seconds podcast.

Watch my story below.

You can read my story, and ways you can apply it in your own best way, in my chapter in this book.

Get the book here.

This was the greatest collaboration that I've been involved in with sixteen of my colleagues from The Right Company.

You can begin anywhere you choose in the book.

Terry McGivern, Regional Managing Director (CEER ME APAC) Kingspan light +Air captures this book well:

"If people interest you, and the distilled wisdom of peoples' experiences fascinate you, then you will cherish this collection.”

I was thrilled to have a longer conversation with Cat Preston (also one of the authors) about essence in her 'Collective Wisdom' podcast. 

It's one hour and three minutes and you will find it here.

A few times a year I offer a complimentary version of The Wise Leaders Workshop which is my signature experience for helping you to discover and live your essence. The next of these is in February 2022. To receive an invite learn more and subscribe to my newsletter here.

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