Monday 6 December 2021

Sparkenation conversation with Sue Heatherington about the role of Quiet Disruptors in the new world of work


Sue Heatherington's book is a game changer for me.

Before and since reading this book it's been wonderful to get to know Sue.

The recording below is our conversation about the role of Quiet Disruptors in the new world of work.

Part of this new world is the re-humanisation of the workplace and therefore a letting go of the command and control and divide and conquer hangover from the Industrial Revolution.

At the link you can also download with Sue's compliments 'Being Seen & Heard… Notes for People Professionals' which I find to be an excellent guide in my own professional practice of holding space for possibility focused leaders as you choose wise responses in your life and work.

Sue and her husband Steve run The Waterside, a unique place in Wales for conversations about life and work.

As they say "By creating breathing space for better words, we believe that together we can make a difference – because good words make good trouble."

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