Wednesday 20 April 2022

The wonder of living in a world of infinite possibilities

I love this diagram from Gihan Perera. Read Gihan's article Be a possibility thinker here.

There are so many things when you think about it that were once thought to be impossible that today are inevitable. or already a reality.

I'm with Gihan 'Be a possibility thinker'.

Quantum physicists have been letting us know for a long time that we live in world of infinite possibility.

I often picture it like below (with thanks to my wife Carol who first drew this). Imagine an infinite number of possibilities around the reality circle. Then imagine every time you choose one you get another lot of an infinite number of possibilities!

Because at any given moment we have an infinite number of choices there are principles to that help us to choose wisely for us.

The greatest is our Response Ability, which I believe is a keystone character trait of wise leaders. Response Ability is your ability and willingness to make the wisest choices for your own and other people's well-being in the moment, as well as in the short and long term.

Please go to my LinkedIn profile and you will see that there is an article on each of the above nine.

Become the wise leader you want to be.

A great place to begin is to be a possibility thinker.


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