Monday 1 August 2022

Update to my Performance Possibility Pulse Checks

I host possibility conversations 1:1 and in peer groups, and provide mentoring and resources as you turn possibility into reality. 

A key to the success of these conversations is pre and post work. Learn more about how pre and post are crucial to success here.

A key to pre and post work is assessment of where we're at and where we can shift too.

Following the recent publication of my first video playbook 'Happy Being Magnificent', and my first teal paper 'Co-creating a culture where the majority of people are happy being magnificent, You can download both of these here.

I've accordingly updated my Performance Possibility Pulse Checks Tool to include a pulse check on Happy Being Magnificent. There are now 12 pulse checks to help in pre and post conversation work.

You can download the pulse checks here.

Become the wise leader you want to be.


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