Sunday 20 December 2009

Copenhagen climate change conference was a monumental messup however there is hope

A statement of intent was all the politicians could come up with after 2 years of talk and a failure to collaborate and agree on a legally binding agreement over the past two weeks in Copenhagen.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development President Bjorn Stigson issued a stark warning to ministers on 17th December in Copenhagen: "You will not solve climate change without business at the table as an engaged, involved partner - Governments cannot deliver on the targets which are being talked about without business." I agree with Mr. Stigson.

Social entrepreneurs (I call them insightpreneurs and differencemakers - see my article here) are the business leaders leading the change for good. I have written about many of them on this blog and will continue to do so. Become such a leader yourself. You could do a lot worse in getting started that adopting some of the 142 actions I recommend in my book which you can download here.

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