Thursday 31 December 2009

My top 10 predictions for 2010

1) Politicians will be less seen as world leaders due to their monumental failure to lead in Copenhagen. World Leaders will be the social entrepreneurs and business people who actually do things that make a difference. I call these folk insightpreneurs™ and differencemakers™. Insightpreneurs™ are experts at turning information into insight into inspiration into ideas into innovation, fast. Differencemakers™ are folk who innovate for the good of people and our planet.

2) Social media will continue to evolve and grow and influence us. The movers and shakers will be those people who turn conversations online into real world collaborations that make a difference.

This is what we do at differencemakers community. Please join us here.

3) Greed and stupid business practice will continue in some sections of the financial services sector. Some folk haven’t learnt their lesson. People with demonstrable ethics, genuine corporate responsibility, and general good business practice will thrive.

4) The number of double (social and environmental) and triple bottom-line (social, environmental, and economic) businesses will continue to grow.

5) Sustainability will still be the zeitgeist of our time.

6) Business leaders who have sustainability and innovation linked and as a core of their growth strategies will thrive

7) Local Government and Non Government Organisations (NGOs) will continue to be the non business places were things that really matter get done.

8) There will be more meetings held online that ever before however savvy people will also begin to reinvent how face to face meetings (1:1, teams, and conferences etc) work and they will do very well.

9) Twitter or something similar not yet invented will replace email as the main means of staying in touch online

10) ebooks and other means of online learning will thrive in 2010 particularly those that focus on self development that is practical and real, making social media work for business, sustainability, innovation, leadership.

I wish all of earth's citizens your best year yet in 2010.

Be remarkable
Founder Differencemakers Community
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astriaandromeda said...

Thank you,

Interesting and believable.

Best, Rachel Mai.

Ian Berry said...

Thanks for your feedback Rachel. i appreciate it.