Wednesday 2 December 2009

It seems a majority of politicians don't understand that we live in an age of collaboration

I watched an interview yesterday with Tony Abbott the newly elected leader of the major political party in Australia not in government. He said "our job is to oppose the government." He later in the interview tried to correct himself by saying "our job is to hold the government to account."

Mr. Abbott got elected after extraordinary scenes in his party where one minute they were supporting the governments climate change bill and then they weren't. These decisions and indecision followed 5 weeks of collaborating and the former leader Malcolm Turnbull telling the government our collaboration has been successful, lets pass the bill.

Australia now has egg on its face going into to the Copenhagen summit this weekend on climate change. Our Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, unless there is yet another change of mind by Mr Abbott's party, will go to Copenhagen a follower instead of a leader.

Seems to me that Mr Abbott, like most old school politicians, hasn't yet realised we live in an age of collaboration. My hope is that he and everyone who thinks and acts like him will soon come to their senses or we vote these kind folk out and replace them with people who will do what needs to be done for the good of people and our planet.

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Unknown said...

Interestingly similar circumstances regarding the political debate over ETS legislation occurred in the Canadian Parliament.