Wednesday 28 July 2010

Changing what’s normal requires leadership, courage, and a process

Politician and former leader of the main non government party in Australia Malcolm Turnbull said the following on the ABC television program Q&A last Monday night - Our two scarcest resources are leadership and courage.

I was contemplating this post at the time and also a recent Steve Farber tweet that alerted me to this excellent article on change management by Martin Rhodes.

The above extended my thinking.

What action do you know you should take that you haven’t as yet?

Asking myself this question brought forth several answers and I then asked: What is stopping me from doing what I know I must?

Self-leadership and courage were my answers?

What is stopping you from doing what you know you must?

I have turned what I am not doing into positive present tense statements which means I am now clear on my intentions. In the next few days I will be turning these intentions into feelings, thoughts, and actions.

I call this process of intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions - compete with yourself and I know from past experience following this process will lead to a changing of what’s normal for me and therefore the outcomes I desire will happen as a consequence.

And the tools provided by Martin Rhodes in the change management article referred to above I intend to use to help me co-operate with others.

Compete with yourself - co-operate with others is a proven formula for me.
What’s your formula for change?

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