Saturday 28 August 2010

Taking the chance to change what’s normal

We are not likely to know who our federal government in Australia will be for at least another two weeks. The independents who will likely hold the balance of power have asked for lots of information before they will decide who they will support, if anyone. This scenario presents a great opportunity to change what’s normal in Australian politics.

One of the independents has suggested the new cabinet should include the best people for the roles selected from both of the major parties. Most commentators have ridiculed this concept and yet in my view it is exactly the kind of idea that should be considered. After all isn’t government supposed to be about the best interests of the people? Surely of the 150 people who represent us in the House of Representatives here we could pick the best team and that wouldn’t for a moment be all from one side of the house.

Will this idea and any of the others that are outside the box and being put forward gain any momentum? I doubt it, sadly. The likely scenario is maintaining the status quo as much as possible.

How about you in your organisation? When faced with a challenge do you solve the problem, which usually means returning to the status quo, or do you take the opportunity that challenges present and change what’s normal which is what innovation is really all about?

We live in arguably the most challenging times in history. The status quo no longer serves our best interests in most aspects of life. Time to change what’s normal.

What will you do today, and tomorrow, and for the rest of your life that that isn’t what you have always done?

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