Wednesday 11 August 2010

What is the value (ROI) that your clients/customers demand, desire, and feel they deserve from you?

Since the GFC I have noticed and experienced greater scrutiny regarding return on investment (ROI) for providers of professional services like me. Indeed we are all a Professional Service Firm whether we are a one person business or have employees, or work in someone elses business, and regardless of what we are offering.

Tom Peters first articulated this concept of being a Professional Service Firm in his book Liberation Management in 1992 and then in an article for Fast Company magazine on 31st August 1997 The Brand Called You

Please download some great insights and ideas from Tom in his ebook PSF is Everything.

For me understanding and accepting that we are a Professional Service Firm is the first step to understanding how we can provide a return on investment for our clients/customers.

Do you see yourself as a Professional Service Firm? (even if you don’t have a business and work in someone elses business!)

What is the value that your clients/customers (internal and external) demand, desire, and feel they deserve from you? I sometimes call these the must haves, should haves, and nice to haves. Today people want all three to feel they have made a good return on their investment in our services.

Before I work with any client I follow the Alan Weiss formula - agree with the buyer on objectives, measurements, and value. My fee always depends on the value as perceived by the buyer.

What is your process?

The more we deliver the value to our clients/customers that they demand, desire, and feel they deserve the less we will have trouble in demonstrating the ROI on our services.

Maybe I can help you

Two years ago I began to offer mentoring on skype to my clients as a standalone service, or as part of a package, and recently this kind of mentoring became part of the package of Torchbearer membership of differencemakers community. 

On most Monday mornings wherever you happen to be in the world I can provide a 30 minute mentoring session for free.  All you need to do to book your session is email me with a date and time.  When I am already booked I will email you back with alternative dates and times.

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