Wednesday 25 August 2010

Wanting and getting and having and giving

It has been said that there are two broad kinds of people in the world - givers and takers.

The givers ask what’s in me for you?

The takers ask what’s in it for me?

I think we are all givers and takers. Intention is what differentiates.
The poet Gita Bellin says “Success depends on where intention is.”
I couldn’t agree more.

I meet lots of people who have been takers all their lives. They are generally very unhappy people. They want and get the so called finer things of life and yet the most precious gift of all - happiness - alludes them.

I also meet lots of people who have been givers all their lives. Givers of all they have. Many don’t have the finer things of life and yet they have a happiness that is inspiring.

My attitude to life is to first be grateful. I have learned that when we are grateful for what we’ve got, we can have more of what we want, usually as a consequence of giving of what we have.

My focus is to give of all I’ve got without attachment to getting back. The great paradox is that giving which such intent we end up getting back a thousand fold and often from people we haven’t yet given to.

What intentions drive you?

We can want and get. Seems to me however that the most precious things in life come to us by giving of what we have without attachment to getting back.

Another way of looking at this paradox is the concept of free and fee. I make my living giving tailored talks that stir hearts, shift thinking, and inspire people to step-up your achievements; providing meaningful and measurable mentoring; and conducting thriving on the challenges of change programs. I also give away a ton of resources for free. The paradox for me is the more I give away the more valuable buyers see my services that require a fee.

In how you are making your living, how do you increase your value by giving more than what you are being paid for?

Wanting and getting and having and giving are integral to every day life. For me the more we give all that we have, the more we get all that we want.

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