Saturday 11 September 2010

Can common sense be the common thing?

My understanding of history is that tensions between the middle east of our world and the west, predate both Christianity and Islam. Yet as I reflect today on the tragedy of 9/11 it seems to me that folk with fanatical religious beliefs are determined to widen the gap between east and west.

The case in point of course is of Christian Pastor Terry Jones of Florida in the USA, with a congregation of about 50 people, who has threatened to burn copies of the Koran today as some sort of protest. I fervently hope he doesn’t proceed. If he does, he clearly doesn’t understand the big picture nor some of the central teachings of his own religion.

I am not interested in what Mr. Jones or anyone else believes. Beliefs are aways betrayed or enhanced by what we do.

I respect Mr. Jones’s right and everyone’s right to believe whatever you want to believe. I do not accept anyone’s right to act on our beliefs in ways that harm or increase the possibility of harm to others.

In my previous post I expressed the power of defining moments in our lives and how living the lessons of such moments enriches our lives.

My hope today, on the 9th anniversary of a turning point in history, that I hope will turn out to be a catalyst for good, is that common sense will prevail and that common sense will not be as it sadly often is, the uncommon thing.

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