Tuesday 14 September 2010

Sequence and frequency - keys to building business relationships that matter

I recently re-read (for the fourth time!) Seth Godin’s book Permission Marketing - turning strangers into friends and friends into customers.

What jumped out at me this read was Frequency is the holy grail of marketing.

I asked myself and I ask you, How frequently do you stay in touch with your customers/clients? My answer was not frequently enough and I resolved to do better, mindful of Dunbar’s law that 150 meaningful relationships is about all we can handle at any one time.

I made a list of my 150 best business relationships and I am going to stay in touch more frequently. I am also going to be more mindful of sequence.

Aside from referrals I have 5 entry points to begin business relationships: my monthly ezine, my monthly gift list, my elearning trial, my possibility pulse check, and when people join differencemakers community.

When people sign-up for any of these they have become followers. My quest then is to turn a percentage of followers into friends and some of them into fans. I know from 20 years experience that when I am in regular contact with my 150 friends I have more than enough business.

What are your entry points?

As I reviewed my processes this week I decided that I am good at welcoming people when they become followers however my sequence of staying in touch from there needs improvement.

What is your sequence of staying in touch? Are you random like me, or do you just contact people when you have something to offer them?

I have resolved to ensure that my sequence of contact with my friends is really valuable to them and I have begun by asking my friends what would be really valuable for you to receive from me?

I encourage you to ask your friends the same question and please answer it for me by sending me an email or getting in touch.

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Maria Carlton said...

Brilliant and timely! It all comes back to the Pareto Principle.... focus on your top 20%, 80% of your (marketing) time.