Sunday 26 September 2010

Please join us to celebrate World Day of Interconnectedness on 10th October

Members of Differencemakers Community and Leaders Cafe are honoured to present a 24 hour webathon as part of our contribution to celebrate the second World Day of Interconnectedness on 10th October.

Presenters, representing 8 countries are, Maria Carlton, Terry Power, Krishna Iyer, Richard Norris, Kwai Yu, Sara Knowles, Andrew Thorp, Luis Cochofel, Rob Brown, Sandy Foster, Lorna McDowell, Mike Parker, Richard Hames, Melissa Giovagnoli, Maria Neves, Kellie Frazier, Joel Graham-Blake, Gino Federici, Marilyn Jess, Julie Poland, and myself. We start in the first minute GMT time on 101010.

Please download the ebook Our World of Interconnectedness written in celebration of this day by Dr Ann Villiers from Australia, David Bernard-Stevens from United States of America, Derek Small from United Kingdom, Heather Davis from Australia, Kwai Yu from United Kingdom, Leo Sonneveld from The Netherlands, Maria Carlton from New Zealand, Marilyn Jess from United States of America, Navinder Narang from India, Pat Armitstead from New Zealand, Prem Sarkar from India, Raj Bhowmik from India, Roshanna Evans from United States of America, Shelley Dunstone from Australia, and myself.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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