Tuesday 23 November 2010

Are your messages cutting through the clutter?

Once upon a time I could send one email to my contacts in a given city and fill the room for one of my seminars. Not any more.

To get 20 people to a seminar recently, in the city where I work the most, and have my largest database, I sent 6 emails to my list over 8 weeks, and made more than 100 phone calls!

I also called people to find out why they didn’t respond to what I thought was a very compelling message on a topic that would help them to build a better business faster and give them a competitive edge. The following were the three responses I received the most:

I don’t reply to emails anymore unless I am specifically asked to?

I get so many emails unless they really grab me in the moment I delete them.

I would not have given the seminar a second thought if you hadn’t called me. Personal contact stands out today.

Are your messages cutting through the clutter?

The clear message for me was the power of personal contact. Social media and social networking, great tools that they can be, mean many people are starved of human contact, in fact people are telling me they are craving real conversations with real people in real time.

When was the last time you met with some one face to face with no agenda just a genuine catch up? My resolve is to stand out by being the king of personal contact. How about you?

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