Friday 12 November 2010

What triggers our worst behaviour also presents us with an opportuntity for our best behaviour

I have had a busy week. I left home in Adelaide on Monday morning, flew to Sydney and had several meetings Monday afternoon. I gave a presentation Tuesday morning and had more meetings in the afternoon. Early Wednesday morning I flew to Hong Kong and then caught a ferry to Macau where I have been busy ever since. After giving a presentation later this morning I go back to Hong Kong and then fly to London tonight.

Travel can bring the worst out in me! On this trip I read a wonderful book called The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working by Tony Schwartz with Jean Gomes and Catherine McCarthy, Ph.D.

It is a wonderful book. I pondered pages 139 and 140 carefully. The authors call the following triggers and suggest that most come from a feeling of being devalued.

Feeling spoken to with condescension or lack of respect

Being treated unfairly

Not feeling appreciated

Not being listened to or feeling heard

Someone else taking credit for my work

Being kept waiting

Someone else’s sloppy work on a project I’m overseeing

Unrealistic deadlines

People who think they know it all

Knowing these has helped me to enjoy the travel this week in the main.

What trigggers you?

Are you devaluing other people?

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Unknown said...

Not having autonomy to make decisions

Being treated like I'm stupid.