Wednesday 5 January 2011

Are you doing what you must to ensure your first quarter result in 2011 matches your dreams?

By the end of March every year normal people are wondering what happened because results dreamed of at the end of last year have not materialised.

This is because appropriate actions haven’t been taken in September, October, November, and December, and even before that!

No need for despair however. Act now and you can ensure your results on the 31st March 2011 exceed your dreams.

Meet with your team in the next 48 hours and do the following.

1. Agree on what the best possible 31st March 2011 team result looks like

2. Break down team goal into individual goals. This is easy of course if there is only you in your business!

3. Help each person complete a personal performance plan. A template is here.

4. Have appreciation conversations with people when they do well and accountability conversations when they don’t perform according to their plan. You need do nothing more than ask the questions outlined here and then keep your mouth shut. If there is just you in your business then get a family member, friend, or colleague to become your performance partner today and have them ask you the questions.

5. Celebrate achievements with individuals at the end of February and help them complete their personal performance plan for 1st April through 30th June 2011. A template for celebrating and upgrading plans is here. If there is just you in your business complete this process with your performance partner.

Some people tell me the above is too simple and won’t work.

Let me tell you that simple rarely means easy. And let me tell you something else. The people I know who take these 5 simple steps each quarter, regardless of country or culture, or industry, are outperforming the people who don’t by a staggering margin.

Normal people don’t do the above which is why they achieve normal results. Normal doesn’t cut it anymore.

Normal is why the world still hasn’t solved our biggest problems even though solutions to every single one are possible.

I have declared 2011 as the year of changing what’s normal for the good of yourself, other people, our planet, and for profit.

I hope you will join me in changing what’s normal.

All change is personal first and it begins with making an oath to never ever again be stupid or idiotic.

Someone said that the definition of stupidity is:
Expecting a different result by continuing to do the same old thing.

Someone else said that the definition of idiocy is:
Doing something different and still getting the same result.

If you need inspiration to change what’s normal in your life and work then please call me without delay. I can help you via a tailored talk, meaningful and measurable mentoring, a changing what’s normal program or your participation in a Master-class.

I work with passionate people who want to truly make a difference and not die wondering.

Together we can achieve results that will take your breath away.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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