Friday 21 January 2011

Real leaders are readers regardless of reading formats

ebooks outsell hardcover books on Amazon. See July 2010 press release here. for some very interesting statistics.
They are significant considering Amazon has been selling books for 15 years and Kindle ebooks for 3 years!

I have read at least one book a week for more than 35 years and while I have helped Amazon increase their ebook sales!, I still prefer to have a hardcover book in my hands!

I also enjoy reading book summaries. My favourites are those produced by The Book Rapper, Geoff McDonald.

So my reading habits are:
1. hardcover books
2. ebooks
3. Geoff’s book raps

I would be interested to learn about your reading habits.

Writing and publishing ebooks myself and with other people has been a significant business building tool for me. Some examples are here.

Please download my recommended reading lists by clicking here, and putting ceo in the password box.

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