Monday 10 January 2011

Is your slogan authenticated by your story?

Australia’s big 4 banks have interesting slogans.

The Commonwealth Bank’s slogan is Determined to be different and every day their slogan features in numerous TV advertisements.

I find the slogan odd. I don’t want to do business with people determined to be different; I want to do business with people who are different. And my personal experience of this bank is that they are not different, rather they are the same as every other bank!

Is your slogan authenticated by your story, or is it aspirational rather than actual?

When stories don’t match slogans brand value suffers. It is all very well to be aspirational, as determined to be different is, however being aspirational when it comes to our slogans, tag lines, or value propositions, is for me a dangerous practice. Of course when our one line positioning statement is actual and present tense, and we don’t deliver, we are in even more trouble!

Think very carefully about what you say about yourself and your organisation. Only say what you will deliver.

The ANZ Bank has the slogan is We live in your world. I have no idea what this means so they are unlikely to attract me as a customer.

Westpac Bank says We’re a bank you can bank on. I have no idea what this means either. I bank with them more because I have for many years rather being attracted by anything they say.

Do the people who you want to be your customers/clients get your slogan?

The National Australia Bank has the slogan more give, less take. I find this also an odd slogan for a bank when most people think of banks as more take, less give! Of course if National Australia Bank is delivering, then they would be standing out from the crowd. I can’t comment, I am not one of their customers.

Is your slogan authenticated by your story?

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