Wednesday 1 June 2011

The Pull of Positioning

An adage of 20th century marketing and selling was - the preferred lead is the referred lead. In the 21st century obtaining referrals is a still a good way to grow your business, however a person to person recommendation is much more powerful.

Recommendations about your work on LinkedIn and other places are useful however when someone who trusts you recommends you to someone who trusts them, person to person, this is far more powerful way to grow your business.

People are more likely to recommend us person to person when we hold a position in our market that is specialised and when our specialisation fits a need or want for the person we are being recommended to.

My expertise is in the broad field of change leadership and management.
There are lots of very good people who work in this field. What sets me apart is my specialisations of changing what’s normal for the good of people, our planet, and for profit; change where everyone can win (the technical term is creating shared value or CSV); and change people can actually believe in and make happen. Very few people specialise as I do and therefore I have positioning.

What areas of your broad expertise do you specialise in?
Are your specialisations unique, different, or better than other people who operate in the same broad space?

If you can answer yes to these questions you have positioning. If not, do your work because positioning is the best way I know to pull rather than push in our businesses.

Be the difference you want to see in the world
Founder Differencemakers Community

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PSS Make it easy for people to recommend you person to person by first recommending them person to person!

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