Sunday 19 June 2011

The Rise and Rise of Difference Makers

Difference makers are bobbing up everywhere, everyday. They are famous people, and non famous people, just like you and me. To me at least, it seems, that difference makers are making themselves known at an ever increasing rate.

I describe difference makers as folk who are making a social, environmental, economic, spiritual, and/or universal difference for the good of other people, our planet, and peace. They are people like Karen Armstrong, Bono, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Nelson Mandela. And, I suspect, you.

In some circles difference makers are called ‘social intrapreneurs’, folk who make a difference as a part of their daily life. Difference makers are also leaders who are often called ‘social entrepreneurs’.

I am most fortunate that in my work as a writer, speaker, mentor, and instigator of change programs, that almost everyday I meet people doing brilliant things that really make a difference.

Here are some of my observations about who difference makers are and what they do.

Difference makers:

put other people first
never knowingly do anything that harms our planet
show kindness at every opportunity
speak up about issues affecting the welfare of people, our planet, and for peace
have a cause beyond profit
don’t wait for other people to take action
serve without attachment to getting back
put people and the planet before profits
strive for a shared view being prepared to let go previously held view/s
turn information into insight
turn insight into inspiration and ideas
persevere until ideas are successfully implemented (innovation)
pick themselves up and dust themselves off when ideas don’t work or fail
inspire others by example
co-create workplace cultures that are empowering and often like great families
give away a percentage of their income
know how much is enough
raise children who take personal responsibility
volunteer to help others less fortunate than themselves
see themselves as global citizens who know that what they do has huge effects locally, nationally, and internationally

If the above is you, then you may wish to join The Differencemakers Community which I founded in 2008. We currently have over 500 members from 38 countries.

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Maria Carlton said...

Difference Makers is the most amazing online group I could even imagine being part of, and Ian, I salute your vision and drive to having made so much magic happen with this community. I can't wait to see how extra-ordinary it is in another 12 months from now. In 5 Years. In 10 years.

For anyone reading this who has not yet joined or had a good look around, make it a priority - you'll be so glad you did. What I personally love the most is there is so much real connection, great resources on the site, and an exceptional level of positivity by all members.

Ian Berry said...

Bless you Maria and thank you for being one of the people who has embraced the dream and is making it happen.