Monday 4 July 2011

When people need your help is your process simple, quick, and easy?

It is common sense to me, due to the power of technology, that when people need our help, the process of getting help from us should be simple, let alone quick and easy.

In the past week I have been upgrading/changing many things to coincide with the launch of my changing what's normal book. I have had many technological challenges and have had to call for help from many service providers.

I have been very disappointed overall with the lack of help I have received. One exception has been my internet strategist Gihan Perera and his team at First Step.

My conclusion: Most online providers make it very difficult for us to find out how we can get help from them in the first place! And, their service, once we do find out, leaves a lot to be desired.

I am a big fan of LinkedIn. I have tried for 3 days to change my photo on my LinkedIn profile and keep encountering an unknown error. After searching for 20 minutes I found out how to contact LinkedIn for help and sent an email. I got an automatic response saying we will get back to you soon. I am still waiting and as I write my profile still has no photo.

I am a big fan of Apple, typing this on my Mac, and trying to call them on my iphone. I am finding it very difficult to get any help.

How simple, quick and easy is it for people to contact you when they need your help?

My experience of most online providers, including all the big names, is that their service is pathetic, in fact most make it hard for us to get help when we need it.

Great service is a given today. It is normal. What most of us expect is more. As I write in Changing What's Normal, we expect to be wooed and wowed. Most online providers in my experience woo and fail miserably to wow.

How much are you wooing and wowing?

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