Tuesday 16 August 2011

SBM and B1G1 - two outstanding examples of changing what’s normal

Selective Behaviour Modelling™ (SBM)

This revolutionary innovation developed by my friend and colleague Allan Parker is about achieving mass behaviour change simultaneously in your organisation. Please watch the short video below to fully appreciate the power of SBM and download the one page overview here.

For a detailed information kit about SBM including results from organisations using it to great effect, please email me ian@changingwhatsnormal.com

And for folk in Brisbane, Allan will be speaking live about SBM as my co-presenter at my changing what's normal book launch on September 22nd. Details here.

B1G1 (Buy1Give 1)

For some time now I have been, in a small way, a part of the B1G1 family through my role as the Founder of Differencemakers Community. See here.

I began increasing my engagement yesterday. Every sale of my Changing What's Normal book, now means a child learns to read and begins to develop a lifelong learning habit. Almost 800 million people can't read. Together we are changing this appalling status quo through Room to Read, whose work in the past decade has benefited more than 5 million children. We help through my partnership with Buy1Give1.

In my book I refer to the great example of the Chairman of B1G1, Paul Dunn, The Wizard of Wow, who is a great influence on my life. I also devote one of the 58 sparkenations (a sparkenation is a spark that ignites passion that leads to action that changes what’s normal) in my book to the concept of Generation G where the G stands for generosity.

Buy1GIVE1™ or B1G1™ matches businesses with charitable causes right around the world so that every business transaction makes a difference somehow, somewhere, every second, every day. But it doesn't just 'match' businesses with worthy causes; it does it at a level never seen before by matching every transaction in some way to a specific outcome. And it does more than that too. It adds a powerful branding and marketing 'engine' that actually builds business. And that simply means that businesses can give even more to make a difference.

"We’re not here to give in order ‘to get’. We’re here to have more to give more." says Founder Masami Sato.

More about About Buy1GIVE1 here.

I would love to know about other great examples of changing what’s normal. Please comment or email ian@changingwhatsnormal.com
I will be giving away copies of my book to people whose stories I write about.

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