Monday 22 August 2011

Thriving in a low confidence-high anxiety world

Some people are describing the status quo in much of the world right now as low confidence-high anxiety and I certainly sense this. In my 20 years as a business owner I have never known it to be so tough. Much of what used to work, doesn’t work anymore. I am not in any way depressed however, rather I am excited by the possibilities and results of changing what’s normal.

Here are five of my key actions that can lead to thriving in your business no matter what seems to be status quo:

1. Concentrate on serving niches.
As my friend and colleague Gihan Perera says “Niche guys finish first.” Become the go to person for people looking for specific products and/or services that you can deliver. Two excellent books on how to do this are: 'Becoming a key person of influence' by Daniel Priestley and 'How to be that guy' by Scott Ginsberg.
What niches do you own?

2. Charge for value as perceived by buyers.
If your product and/or service is a commodity or can be commoditised it is only a matter of time before someone offers a cheaper price, therefore ensure your products/services are not seen as commodities, and leave that kind of business to the big boys (well it usually is boys!).

When people ask me what is my fee? my answer is always, that depends, because I only offer tailored packages based on a simple yet very powerful formula I learned from Alan Weiss - agree on objectives, how they will be measured, and what is the value of achieving the objectives according to the buyer. My fee depends on the value of the result of working together as determined by the buyer.
How do you get paid?

3. Control what you can and stop stressing over what you can’t

“Control the controlables” is often how this action is stated. I am in charge of my intentions, feelings, thoughts, and actions. And you are in charge of yours.
How are much in control are you? And how much are you letting what you can do nothing about get the better of you?

4. Compete with yourself and only collaborate with people when you have achieved a shared view.

These are two of the 58 sparkenations in my changing what’s normal book.

If you want to change yourself, change or modify your intentions, feelings, thoughts, and/or actions, and you will soon have different and hopefully better better results.

If you want to change a relationship, change or modify how you contact, connect, establish common ground, and demonstrate commitment to the person or people and very soon your relationship will change. And if this doesn’t happen maybe you have your ladder up against the wrong wall.
How well are you competing with yourself and collaborating with others?

5. Champion causes that people in your tribes are passionate about
Champion what people in your tribes are passionate about and people will reciprocate in no time.
What tribes are you leading?
And what are the members of these tribes passionate about?
How are you helping these people to achieve what is vital to them?

The above are just 5 ways of many to thrive in a low confidence-high anxiety world.

I would be very interested in your thoughts because there are a zillion more ways to stop the status quo from strangling the life out of us by changing what’s normal. Please comment here or email me

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