Monday 5 December 2011

Face to Face Is Making a Comeback - some would say it never left.

This weeks sparkenation.

A great blog I subscribe to is Hello my name is blog by the name tag guy Scott Ginsberg. Scott’s 2nd December blog was titled Face to Face Is Making a Comeback.

Wise people have always known that face to face is what really matters in building and growing personal and business relationships. Millions of people have allowed social media/networking to disrupt the consistency and value of face to face, particularly in-person.

How wise have you been and what will you do in 2012 to change what’s has become normal?

This weeks second webinar in the Changing What's Normal series is about relationships. You can find out more here.

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Maree Harris said...

Ian, I have always placed greater emphasis on face to face interactions in growing and sustaining my business than social media. Social media has its value, for example, getting a presence and a profile and getting my ideas out there to a much wider audience than I can by personal interaction. While I have actually got some clients directly from LinkedIn, my best clients come after they have had some interaction with me. There was a very intersting article in a recent issue of the Melbourne Age called "Computers OK? Not in Silicon Valley". It was about how the Chief Technology Officer of eBay and many employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and HewlettPackard send their children to a Waldorf school school where there are no computers. They are even frowned on at their homes. They do not believe that they are essential to success. Interesting? They "inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans." They make a big issue of the importance of facilitating engagement in their schools saying it is about human contact - with their teachers and their peers.

Ian Berry said...

Very interesting research Maree Thank you for sharing it. I personally am going to doubly ensure that 2012 is a year of in-person!