Wednesday 7 December 2011

Online matters less - in-person matters more

Online matters less - in-person matters more; doing both in harmony with one another is really important for the growth of your business.

One of my favourite books is Zag by Marty Neumeier and published by New Riders, 2007. (If you are looking for a good read over the next couple of months please download my recommended reading list by scrolling down to sparkenation 11 here and clicking on the link).

A strategy of mine has always been, if everyone is zigging, then I will usually zag. It is part of my nature to be contrarian and part of my business model to always find ways to standout from others.

I admit to getting on the social-media/networking bandwagon. I found that meant I allowed myself to neglect in-person and so for the past few months I have been reducing my online to in-person ratio of hours from 20:1 to 3:1. I believe that being active online matters because it can enhance our reputation and attract buyers. I believe in-person matters more. In 2012 my focus is on maintaining harmony for me between online and in-person.

How about you?

As mentioned in my previous post I was thrilled that my presentations that solve your problems featured on Slideshare. In fact it went viral being viewed 1544 times and downloaded 43 times in the first 5 days. I am very grateful for the many who talked about it on LinkedIn, Twitter and other places.

Has anyone contacted me to start building a relationship? Nope. A few people will probably be in touch in due course as there is always a lag. What will happen is that my reputation for being different to most, seeing what most people don’t and saying what most people won’t, will be enhanced.

Social-media has become the masses. My market is not the masses. My market niche is very small and using social-media to find my market is like looking for a needle in the largest haystack every built.

A focus for me in 2012 is to maintain an online presence by continuing to provide high quality content in several key places for me on a consistent basis. My key focus in 2012 however is to meet more with real people in real places and build and grow relationships of high value and mutual reward that really matter.

How about you?

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