Friday 16 December 2011

The juggling act that we all must master

If you are like me you will be taking some time to reflect in the next few weeks.

Part of my reflection will be about how well am I juggling my idealist/dreamer nature with the realist/pragmatist in me?

My key conclusions about the most successful people I have worked with and observed are that these folk have:

a firm grasp of reality and a passionate eye on possibility

a creative tension rather than negative stress between reality and possibility

an ability and willingness to live and act in the now

a comfortableness in their own skin, yet a constant drive to be better

a shared view with stakeholders, rooted in reality, about where their organisation is now, where it’s going, why it’s going there, how it will get there, and who will do what and when

worked backwards from possibility (goals, direction, vision etc) to milestones to tasks and relationships to a realistic and validated view of the gap between reality and possibility

buy-in and ownership by each individual involved of what they are doing and when to close the gap between reality and possibility

A pathway to achieving possibility is an article I wrote some time ago. It remains one of my most read pieces. You can read it here.

The article is about a central philosophy I hold: Principle before passion; passion before purpose; passion and purpose during practice = possibility

I trust the article and my other thoughts here will help you to be an idealist and a dreamer as well as a realist and a pragmatist at the same time.

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