Saturday 18 February 2012

Meeting the challenge of communicating our difference - part two

Sean D’Souza is onto something vital in his post ‘Positioning: Sorting Out What’s Unique From The ‘Blah, Blah’’

How much blah blah do you need to remove from all that is available about you and your business?

Try thinking about positioning strategically. To have a strategic position in any market we must either do what our competitors don’t do or do what they do just better, differently or more uniquely.

Is what is being said about you and your business making your strategic positioning clear to your buyers?

Is what you are saying about yourself in-person, online and in print making your strategic positioning clear to your buyers?

I find answering these questions difficult.
Personally my approach is to be as minimalist as I possibly can be online and in print. One advantage of Twitter is that it forces us to be succinct. My main objectives are to lead buyers to contact me personally and ensure that a percentage of these contacts then lead to in person meetings.

I have found using slideshare on my websites a good way to be minimalist as well as a good way to demonstrate my uniqueness. Here are two examples of my lead magnets.

Presentations that solve your problems
This slideshare has been viewed more than 2000 times and downloaded more than 50 times. The video which is also embedded in the slideshare leads to more than 10% of my work.

No BS mentoring
This slideshare (at the bottom of the page) has been viewed more than 500 times since I uploaded it a month ago. Around 5% have completed the pulse check and two clients have resulted from the follow up process.

What tools are you using to demonstrate your positioning and your difference?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

I work with people who lead change to ensure results wanted and needed are actually achieved unlike the 70% of change that doesn’t.

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