Friday 24 February 2012

Real leadership is the only solution to any leadership crisis

In the past few weeks in Australia there has been a yet to be resolved battle for who should be Prime Minister of our country between the incumbent Julia Gillard and her predecessor Kevin Rudd. No-one including all forms of the media, who have been in a frenzy over the battle, has shown any real leadership in my view, yet real leadership is the only solution to any leadership crisis.

What writers Collins and Porras called the tyranny of either/or in their book Built to Last, has been on full display. When either/or is at the fore there are only winners and losers. Both/and is what real leadership is about.

Party x v. party y has also been a central either/or of this so called leadership battle. Whether it’s party x or party y or this individual or that individual, East or West, Christian or Muslim, have’s or have not's, whenever it’s either/or we all lose.

Real leaders build bridges between opposing forces so that both work together for the good of all.

Fake leaders increase the divides. They alienate, pull apart, separate. Fake leaders fail to find a co-promise and pretend to be looking for compromise. Gillard and Rudd, their alternative in the opposing party Tony Abbott, and the media have all demonstrated fake leadership so much so most people have switched off and openly despair at the farce.

Fake leaders speak double talk. Their hallmark is lots of words that lack meaning, decency and common sense. Fake leaders are into the blame and shame game that nobody can win least of all in politics the people they claim to be serving. Fake leaders are the gods of either/or.

Real leaders are authentic, transparent and trustworthy. We are compelled to follow real leaders because they tell a compelling, believable story that rings true in our hearts and minds. Real leaders are the Kings and Queens of both/and.

Like never before we must stand against the tyranny of either/or and be the difference we want to see in the world.

Be a real leader, please. We need to move on from the frauds who claim to lead us and build the bridges to our new world.


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