Monday 23 April 2012

Where are you hanging out even though you perceive there is no value in doing so?

I never quite got the hang of Facebook. I joined initially because everyone else was and so I thought there might be something in it.  I gave a lot of value I think.  Return on investment of time and energy (admittedly I didn’t spend a lot of either) zilch, zero, nothing. LinkedIn on the other hand very glad to belong and contribute.

No one from Facebook has ever contacted me to ask me what I want.  LinkedIn has.

No one from Apple has ever contacted me either.  Apple produces cool, user friendly products though so I don’t mind as much. I have decided there is nothing cool about Facebook for me. They are a perfect example I think of a company trying to be all things to all people. And of course without revenue from advertising Facebook is dead.

Are people getting a return on their advertising?  I haven’t heard any compelling stories, certainly none I believe.  How about you?

I am not interested in serving a mass market, being a part of one, or trying to find people who would value my services amongst 800+ million people!  Too hard.

I also personally got tired of the clumsy design, non user friendliness, dodgy privacy policies. I left Facebook at 9.34 am on 21st April 2012 yet I am still not sure that I actually left seeing reactivation is so easy.

I know folk who organise their social lives via Facebook, and stay in touch with their family and friends.  Fair enough. I just couldn’t get into that.  I prefer to call and visit with my friends and family as well as using other forms of technology such as Skype and Google+ hangout to stay in touch with people.

I have heard some appalling stories of people who posted stuff on Facebook soon to discover that a whole lot of people knew something the originator didn’t want them to know and that they have told every person and his dog via Facebook.  Naive behavior from the originator? Yep.  Rumour, gossip and innuendo though are not things I want to be involved in.

Doubt I will come back to Facebook.  Oblivion I suspect is where Facebook is headed unless it evolves into something more relevant and meaningful for the world.

I would be interested to know your thoughts and actions, not just about Facebook, also other places where you are hanging out even though you perceive there is no value in doing so? 
Please email me or comment.

I might be making a mistake.  I won’t be missing the zillions of inane and pointless comments, useless updates, and requests from people I have never heard of or have any kind of meaningful relationship with.

An interesting aside is what if Facebook buys BranchOut a social network app that currently operates with Facebook and could be seen as a competitor to LinkedIn.  I personally have not enjoyed BranchOut either and even if Facebook did buy them I am not sure they have the nous to take on LinkedIn who I think have niched very well. I could be wrong about this too!  Whatever happens I am sure I am going to enjoy a Facebook free world.

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