Wednesday 22 August 2012

Find out how good you are at your number one role as a business owner/leader

I am in the final stages of development of my Enhancing Their Gifts System™ a simple, painless, sustainable, time, energy and money saving track to lift employee performance, driven by them. It will be a godsend for business owners and leaders.

All that remains in the development is the filming of the stories, philosophies and techniques that are integral to the system and then putting it all together.

I am doing the bulk of this filming with a live audience on 5th September 2012 at a great CBD venue in Melbourne.  This is never-to-be-repeated workshop.  If you can make it to Melbourne please go here to find out more and register.  There are just 16 places left.

At the moment the only way you can get the Enhancing Their Gifts System™ is when I personally come to your workplace, teach it to you, and help you implement it. Obviously I can only do this with a small number of people every year.  I have been doing so now for two decades.

This is all about to change. Very soon any business owner/leader anywhere will be able to implement the Enhancing Their Gifts System™ without me in person.

This is the most exciting thing I have ever done in business. It is the culmination of my life's work to make it simple for business owners and leaders to ensure that the majority of your people are performing at their best on a consistent basis.

20+ years of real world application. Authentic employee engagement, optimum performance by the majority of your people everyday, and the guaranteed execution of your strategy are the key results. And you will be free to focus on lifting your own performance and have the time and energy to work on your business more than in it.

I recommend as a first step to see if my system is for you that you take the talent maximisation pulse check here.

Taking the pulse check will help you to see where you’re at in your number 1 role as a business owner/leader, maximising and deploying your people’s talents/gifts.

As a thank you for completing the pulse check, as soon as you press send you will be able to download my appendix ebook to the leaders guide in my Enhancing Their Gifts System™ - 45 really useful tools, tips and techniques for recruiting, engaging and retaining great people, a resource 100's of people worldwide have already used to help them maximise the gifts/talents of their people.

In a great book The Talent Masters - why smart leaders put people before numbers, authors Bill Conaty and Ram Charan state:
“Talent will be the big differentiator between companies that succeed and those that don’t.”

I couldn’t agree more.

They also state:
“Talent masters understand the subtleties that differentiate people.”

Talent is another word for gift. My life’s work is to help business owners and leaders lift employee performance by identifying and enhancing their gifts.

Bill Conaty and Ram Charan also state:
“The enlightened CEO recognizes that his top priority for the future is building and deploying the talent that will get it there.”

I help people to be such enlightened leaders.

Take The Talent Maximisation Pulse Check here. It is one way for you to find out how well you are deploying the gifts/talents of your people.
You just might be staggered by what completing this pulse check will reveal to you.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.Ian
I work with business owners/leaders and leaders of business units in multi-national companies to lift employee performance by enhancing their gifts.

PS If you already have a performance leadership and management system in place please read below.

The Enhancing Their Gifts System™ works regardless of what you have or don’t have.  It has been deliberately designed to work with any system.  The 2 pieces of paper that are essential for the Enhancing Their Gifts System™ to work will not conflict in any way with paperwork or electronic forms you may already have.

The key question for you is; Do your employees love what you currently have?
If your answer is no, implementing and embedding the Enhancing Their Gifts System™ will be a godsend.

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