Tuesday 8 January 2013

The beginning of a new year is not about resolutions

The beginning of a new year is not about resolutions, rather it is about reflection, reset, and resolve and rituals.


Looking back is valuable particularly when we think about defining moments of the past year, the lessons we learned from them, and how we are living these lessons now.

My weekly sparkenations may help you to reflect.  Spend an hour checking out my 2012 short sparkenations here.  Then remember your defining moments and how you are living the lessons you learned.


Every 90 days as a part of following my Enhancing Their Gifts System in my own life and work, I write down what has been worth celebrating in the past 90 days and what could be better in my personal and business life.  I then reset my personal and business possibility plan (PPP) for the next 90 days and detail how I am going to keep doing what's worth celebrating and deal with what could be better.  I always have the long term in mind, my goals, resolutions if you will, yet my focus is only on the next 90 days.

Resolve and Rituals

My PPP is my resolve in writing.  It is what I am actually going to do.  It is also the document I share with my performance partners who will appreciate me when I follow my plan and help me to be accountable when I fail to fulfill my promises. 

Following my rituals keeps me on track.  You can download a copy of my rituals here.  Create your own rituals document and share them too with your performance partners.  We never achieve anything of real value alone.  The more we share with our performance partners the more meaningful conversations about our performance become.  A result is an increase in our ability and willingness to consistently perform at optimum levels for us.

2013 can be your best year yet. Reflect, reset and act on your resolve by following your rituals.  And enlist the support of performance partners willing to have regular and meaningful conversations about your performance with you.

Be remarkable

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