Tuesday 29 January 2013

Who are you... really? - guest post by Helen Kerrison

Helen is my very special guest online for this years first changing what's normal candid conversation. 

We will be discussing character and high performance.  
Details here.

 I was having a conversation recently and during the discussion the topic of ‘character’ came up.

That got me thinking!

It’s funny, because what came to my mind was not the idea of a person having character in the sense of honesty, strength, integrity, justness and other admirable qualities, but rather the idea of a person acting a character, playing a role, pretending... taking on a persona.

You see, most of us spend most of our lives being someone other than who we really are.

How does that happen?

When you compromise who you are in order to fit in, you are not being you.
When you take on an identity and play that character in order to feel accepted, appreciated or approved of, you are not being you. 

You may not be consciously aware of it because it’s become so normal that it feels like the real you, but it’s not who you really are.

We have numerous different roles in our lives and we adopt multiple identities and particular characters in order to play these roles.  Yours could be the role of parent, spouse, partner, business owner, employee, sister, brother, child, friend or many others.

However, living with multiple identities is very confusing.  You start to lose touch with who you really are and, because it takes energy to keep so many characters on the go, it’s also incredibly tiring!

The real you is deep within, shielded by the layers of multiple identities and characters you play on the outside.  The real you is your essence, your being, your light, your truth; it is your true character and when it shines through, everyone sees it, feels it and is bathed in its light.
So, why does expressing the real you feel so dangerous that you need layers of identities to protect yourself from it?

What if you could leave behind the masks you wear, the roles you play, the characters you adopt and the stories you tell and show up as who you really are? 

How amazing would that be?

Tempted?  Then, here are a few questions for you...

When do you decide to hide what you really feel and think?
What masks do you wear and what characters do you play?
What is that creating in your life?
What stops you from letting go of the masks and the acting and being you?

The real you has only one character.
The real you is waiting for you to question what, up until now, you have accepted without question...

Helen Kerrison
Transformational Coach & Consciousness Expert
How to Love Your Life Now

Details here of the changing what's normal candid conversation with Helen and myself about character and high performance at 8 pm Melbourne time on February 5th. 

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