Thursday 10 January 2013

The New Normal or is it really the same old stuff repackaged?

I see a lot of stuff on the web (particularly social media) about the new normal.  I even saw the phrase ‘The New Normal’ in my local newspaper yesterday in an article about interest rates! Not another buzz word I thought.

Most references to the new normal look to me usually! as the same old sh.. repackaged.

Changing what’s normal, particularly when normal (the status quo) no longer serves humanity, is another thing altogether.

The following line from Seth Godin has a permanent place on my desk.  It reminds me every day to change what I can in ways that really makes a difference.

“The status quo is no longer something we want at work or in politics or in any organisation we care about”

Forget the new normal if that means the same old stuff meaning the same old outcomes.

Instead, change what’s normal.  And begin with yourself.

PS In my Changing What’s Normal book I write about why all change is personal first.  Relationship change follows personal change.  Organisational change is a distant third.

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