Tuesday 26 February 2013

9 proven ways to boost employee performance

Seth Godin and many others are talking a lot today about the connection economy.

Here is an excellent short video from Graeme Codrington about this.

Connection is all about who we are. It's about our true selves meeting other people's true selves.

There is nothing more important than who we all are when it comes to boosting employee performance.

Below are 9 ways to really connect with your employees and as a consequence boost performance

Employee engagement is an outcome of human connection.  We must be engaging before engagement is even remotely possible.

1) Only recruit people who live your values or whose personal values are aligned with yours.

2) Professionally induct people into your culture, the way you do things.  Sometimes called onboarding you are looking to be so engaging with people that they quickly become onboard.

3) Celebrate what's working as well as what's not.  Authenticity, candor, honesty, and openness are the currency of the connection economy.  They lead to trust which is the bedrock of true collaboration.

4) Help people identify and cultivate their unique gifts/talents. This is your number one role as a leader.  When people are bringing who they truly are to their work on a consistent basis high performance is a natural consequence.

5) Co-create with people their unique piece of your strategy execution map.  Most strategies fail to get executed because employees, the chief executors of strategy, havenʼt yet bought into the strategy or as is more often the case, they donʼt yet understand or own their unique piece of the execution map.

6) Fulfill the promises you made to employees when you employed them and make it simple for your employees to fulfill the promises they have made to you and that are articulated in their unique piece of your strategy execution map.

7) Co-create a culture with your employees where appreciation and accountability conversations are integral to daily work.

8) Agree with your employees on what continuous improvement means in the reality of everyday work and never deviate without a shared-view about possible change/s.

9) Ensure that everything you do and how you do it means your employees have continuous opportunity to enhance their gifts and live happier lives.

I have made it simple for you to enact these 9 in my Enhancing Their Gifts System - the simple framework that profoundly unleashes employee talent.  You can experience the system first hand here through a complimentary 3 lesson trial.  Straight away you get to download my Changing What's Normal book.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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