Thursday 21 February 2013

Extinction or distinction?

My focus in a number of posts recently has been to help you to stand out which in many ways is the holy grail in today's world.

The Hard, Simple and Joyfulness of Great Work

The simplicity and significance of standing out.

and this week Your purpose is value creation and
The pull of purpose.

 I am a long term fan of Scott McKain
Scott says “Your only options are distinction or extinction. Which do you choose?”

Scott very generously has offered this workbook. 
Inside are some really great questions for all of us serious about standing out to answer.
The future of our organisations may depend on our answers!

Become distinct!
Creator of the Enhancing Their Gifts System™
- the simple framework that profoundly unleashes employee talent.
Easy to implement.
People focused.
ROI tangible, not just talk.

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