Monday 9 September 2013

Politics shouldn't be theatre and neither should your business

In a TV interview a few days before being elected, New Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott referred to the bitterness between the two major parties as "theatre." In other words they really don't mean all the trash talk that they say about each other, it's just a game.

In his victory speech Abbott said "we are under new management and Australia is again open for business." Is this more theatre!

I accept that sport and other games we play can be theatre. We deserve better from our politicians in my view simply because the decisions they make can affect our lives and livelihoods.

Don't fall for the trap of trash talk or theatre in your business. No spin, rather tell authentic stories. Unlike most politicians we are in business for the long haul not the short. And unlike them there are serious consequences for us when we fail to deliver on our promises to customers/clients.

Politics the world over has become a sick joke in the way of real progress. What we must do is move onwards and upwards regardless of what politicians do or more likely don't do.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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