Tuesday 17 September 2013

Sixth of seven fool-proof actions that guarantee increased employees engagement

The premise that must precede the actions

People are not numbers, overheads, expenses, resources, assets or capital. These are all a false premises that lead to less than possible results. We are all flesh and blood, alive human beings with needs, want, fears and aspirations. Any actions to increase employee engagement must be preceded by seeing and treating people as people.

Action number six - compete with yourself/collaborate with everyone else

A key stand alone action that guarantees increased employee engagement is to compete with yourself and collaborate with everyone else. Of course combine this with the other 6 actions I am covering in this series of posts and you will have co-created an unstoppable force for good in your organisation.

Achieving want we want personally is very simple, align intention, emotions, thoughts and actions. In whatever areas of your life you are not achieving what you want, write down the outcome you desire, and then modify or change intention (why you want to achieve what you do), emotions (your feelings around this), thoughts (the state of your thinking around what you want) and actions (behaviours/steps that will lead you to what you want)

To improve your ability and willingness to collaborate choose any relationship you want to be better and then modify or change how you contact, connect, discover common ground (a shared-view of the way forward) and demonstrate commitment with the person or people you want to collaborate with.

Summary and action

Focus on bettering the person you looked at in the mirror this morning.
Seek to collaborate with everyone else.

If you would like the link to the private compete/collaborate video that is part of my Enhancing Their Gifts System and a copy of the compete/collaborate section of my Changing What’s Normal book please email me ian@changingwhatsnormal.com

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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