Friday 25 October 2013

Are you having social media free days (at very least)?

My thanks to Ian Brodie for prompting this post through his recent emails about taking regular breaks from social media.

For me I have actually been contemplating taking a complete break!

I am bored with social media. I find very little value being offered.

For me social media is increasingly about vanity. In public it's anti-social. Some people are obsessed with being online. I actually saw a guy taking a pee yesterday and texting at the same time!

In my online work I am down to writing this blog and my twice monthly newsletter, sharing these via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ and while I am online doing that I scan, share, and spread what my friends and colleagues have posted that I feel might be of value to others. I also sometimes comment on a post by someone else I feel I can added value to. My actual time online is a few minutes each day. I left Facebook altogether 18 months ago.

When I first started online 7 years ago I estimate I was spending 20 hours a week!

Since I consciously decided to limit my time online to research and very minimum time on social media the quality of my life and in-person relationships has improved and my business has increased and has not suffered in any way.

How about you? Are you having social media free days (at very least)? 
Are you limiting your time online like me? 

Please share what you are doing.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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