Tuesday 22 October 2013

Are you on your customers/clients most loved list?

APCO’s list of who they think are the world’s most loved companies makes interesting reading not least because of their method of measurement they call “Emotional Linking”.

I learned about APCO’s list via a blog about it by Corporate Eye and author Susan Gunelius comment below interested me more than the list.

"I’d argue that a different emotional factor is actually at work driving the other emotional factors for a number of these brands—reliance. I’m not sure that consumers actually “love” Yahoo!, Google, or Sony the same way they “love” Disney. Instead, I’d argue that it is consumers’ reliance on some of these brands that causes consumers to rank them higher on APCO’s emotional linking model."
Susan Gunelius

Reliability is one of the seven factors I write about in my Changing What's Normal book that I believe make up a compelling story.

How reliable do your customers/clients think you are?
And how compelling is your story?

Another thing that interests me about these kind of lists is that they are usually all about big corporations and yet the engine room of business is really small to medium businesses possibly like yours.

What really matters is this: Is your business on your customers/clients most loved list?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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