Wednesday 8 January 2014

The 3 essential roles of remarkable leadership

I can guarantee you will succeed in the change/s you lead by helping you to be breathtakingly brilliant in what I have come to see, after working with leaders in over 40 countries, as the 3 essential roles of remarkable leadership, maestro, mentor/disrupter, magnifier.

I have written a paper for you about these 3 roles. You can download it here.

#1. Maestro of gift/talent discovery and enhancement. This means continually enhancing people's gifts/talents, your own and those of the people around you. It means mastery of seeing people as they can be rather than as they are.

#2. Mentor for the motivated/Disrupter for the demotivated. This means continually preventing and removing barriers in the way of optimum performance and letting people loose within agreed boundaries. It means together with your stakeholders finding and implementing the little things that will make the big difference. It means mastery of accountability conversations.

#3. Magnifier of magnificence. This means continually catching people doing things right and doing the right thing. It means mastery of appreciation conversations. It means co-creating a culture where people feel valued, fulfilled, and loved.

Please carefully read and reflect on my paper about these three roles. And then take action. 

This year my team of mentors and myself have dedicated ourselves to taking on 90 people who want to be breathtakingly brilliant in these 3 roles.

In partnership with you we can ensure

*you are always getting the best out of yourself (all change leadership is personal first).

*your close relationships at home and at work are invigorating (relationship change leadership is second).

*the maximum number of your employees are fully engaged and consistently bringing their best to their work (organisational change leadership is third).

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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