Friday 31 January 2014

Where are you wasting your time and energy?

I have recently completed a careful analysis of where I am spending my time and energy. At the end I asked myself where I am wasting either time, energy or both? My answer - online. This didn't surprise me, yet taking a closer look did.

I checked my LinkedIN connections for example and found that of my connections within 100 miles or so of my home, 62% are my mates not my market. Of the mates very few are really mates in the Aussie tradition, more weak ties.

Where are all my emails coming from I asked myself? When I checked most were from "mates" trying to sell me stuff I don't need or want! I estimate over 80% of my emails are from people trying to sell me stuff, none of whom have ever bothered to contact me personally.

I spent a part of yesterday unsubscribing from most of the lists I am on. My criteria was Is what I am getting really good value? I answered no more than I thought I would!

I checked all the websites I have visited in the past 90 days. Rarely did I find insight. I Google everything and end up with information not insight. Most of my time I discovered is spent going down dead end streets and getting frustrated because I can't find what I actually want.

I updated my won't do list yesterday too. I reckon following it will give me at least 20% more time and a heck of a lot more energy to do what really matters to me and to give more value to my prospects and clients.

Where are you wasting your time and energy? 
What will you modify/change to get more value for yourself and to provide more value to others?
Do you have a won't do list?

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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